Pomegranates benefit diabetic or dialysis patients

A variety of studies have revealed the positive effects of concentrated pomegranate juice for diabetic patients. The great benefit is its vasoprotective effect and its ability to lower cholesterol levels. A study from 2006 illustrated that pomegranate juice improved not only overall blood values, but increased blood sugar and improved cholesterol and fatty acids. Blood vessels of diabetic patients are of special risk, due to their changed metabolism. The vasoprotective effect is therefore a huge benefit and advantage of consuming pomegranate juice. In the described study,  type 2 diabetic patients drank a daily dose of 50ml concentrated pomegranate juice for three months.  The vasoprotective and antioxidant effects have been verified through the study. The researchers found that the positive effect is likely to be caused by special sugar-polyphenol-compounds.

Another positive effect of pomegranate juice is its impact on the body´s cholesterol levels. Read our article about The benefits of pomegranate juice on cholesterol levels!. In short, it has been found that the so called LDL-cholesterol and overall cholesterol levels of patients were significantly decreased over a period of 8 weeks, when drinking 30ml of pomegranate juice a day.

Dialysis – Reduction of infections and cardiac-circulatory disorders
Pomegranate juice can prevent infections and cardiac disorders of dialysis patients.  The results were astonishing, as the likelihood to be admitted to hospital due to infections was decreased by 40%, the likelihood to be admitted for a second time by 80%. Hospital admission due to cardiac-circulatory disorders were also significantly reduced.
The results of many studies have revealed the versatile effects of drinking pomegranate juice and its ability to improve one´s life quality. However, you should drink small amounts of pomegranate juice and it Is always advised to ask your doctor for more information.  For the best effects, consider juice that has a high concentration of pomegranate juice. A good goal for your diet are to consume at least 500mg of pomegranate polyphenols per day.